Sunday, August 17, 2014


August 5, 2014
It has been one week tomorrow since you dropped me off at the MTC. The first day was probably the hardest day so far. Right after you dropped me off they didn't waste any time handing me everything I needed for the MTC. We weren't given any time to relax. My companion is Elder King, he is from Salt Lake and he just graduated. He is going to the same mission as I am. He said he is going on a mission because he wants to grow his testimony. Right now his testimony is small but his heart in the right place. There are two other Elders in my district and four sisters in my district as well so there are eight of us all together in one district. The two elders are Elder Taylor and Elder Craig. Elder Taylor is from BC and he is a like a teddy bear he is always so fun-loving, funny, and nice.  Elder Craig is from Gilbert, Airizona he is mature, polite, respectful and that is why he is our district leader. We are all going to the same mission. The food at the MTC is really good but sometimes we have the same thing twice. Every Friday they have what's called Pizza Friday. 
Yesterday night we met with our TCR investigator. We planned on taking about service but instead we talked about the Atonement. It's really interesting to see how that works. He said he grew up in gangs and was into smoking. So I felt the spirit telling me to tell Arles's story. So I did and still wasn't quite sure about the Atonement. So we told him to think about we said and get back to us on Wedensday. 
On Sunday, all the missionaries went into the gym for mission conference and it was cool to see that many missionaries in one gym. That night we had a devotional with the President of BYU. He talked about the authority and power of our calling. How we're given the authority of our calling but we have to earn our power through obedience. Anyway, I've only got a minutes left so I'll make it quick.
On Sunday I was called as a zone leader. So I get to watch over the districts and show the new missionaries around tomorrow. Next Tuesday our travel itinerary is: Salt Lake to Detroit at 11:03 and Detroit to Halifax at 7:50. I don't know when I'll be able to write you next but as soon as i do I'll let you know. Tell Julie, Chris to have fun at EFY! I wasn't given the chance to write them back so tell them I'm not ignoring them. Haha. Tell Grandpa that too.

P.S. Thank you for the letter and the Dear Elder package yesterday. Emily also send me cookies on Friday. They were good!

Love you all!

I wish I could write more but my time's up today. Going to the Provo Temple later on day. I'm pretty excited.

Elder O'Brien

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