Thursday, July 9, 2015

June 22, 2015 - Bridgewater, Nova Scotia

Bridgewater Missionaries
Hello Family,
Yesterday marked the official first day of summer. But it wasn't a good way to start off the summer as it rained all day yesterday. If yesterday is any indication of how summer will be, I'm in for a long summer. But luckily it wasn't like that all week. There were days where it was hot and really humid. I have been feeling really tired lately. I think that is because I haven't been eating very healthy lately. I have been eating a lot of junk food and sugar. I have made it a personal goal of mine to eat more healthy this week. Hopefully that will give me more energy. I have been feeling very anxious and on edge lately with most of the anxiety going towards the new mission president. 
So a week from now the Pratts will be there. President Leavitt leaves next Tuesday morning. We found out this week that we will have an extra zone conference in order for President Pratt to meet all of us. So zone conference for me will be on July 2nd. I have been doing fairly well with it. Mostly mornings and nights are hard for me. So mainly when I have down time is when I have a hard time thinking about it. I thought about asking you to do a special fast for me this week. Luckily, I don't have much time to think about it this week. We have a dinner appointment every day of the week this week except for today. So that is kind of exciting. I also get to go to Kentville for an exchange on Wednesday with Elder McNabb. I am really excited about that. I have been getting better at being optimistic of President Pratt. I am sure when all is said and done I'll have just as hard time saying goodbye to President Pratt as I am with President Leavitt and I will love him just as much. I just need to tell myself that everyday "I am excited to work with President Pratt. I will love him and learn a lot from him."
Wednesday, at District Meeting we talked about bringing members to lesson and evaluating and repracticing during role plays. I have gained a better appreciation for role plays on my mission. At first I didn't like them. But now I understand why it's important to have them. 

Friday we went to Chester in the afternoon and visited a less active and tracted. The less active is stuck right now and is struggling. He has been discouraged by his efforts to come to Church. He talks about how he wants to come to Church every time we visit with him but doesn't come. It is disappointing to me. So we're just continuing to encourage him and praying for him. That night, Sister Hughes asked us to give her a blessing. She had her wisdom teeth pulled on Saturday. Before her mission she couldn't have them pulled because they were so low at the time they couldn't take them not. So the consequence was she had to get them pulled on her mission. She asked me to give her that blessing so I did and it was humbling experience.
Sunday, we had Church in the morning. Then it rained all day as mentioned before so we spent the afternoon making calls and talking to people on Facebook. After dinner, we visited a former investigator. He actually let us right in and fed us supper. He is a free mason and is a professional cook. He is a really nice guy. We ended up picking him up as a new investigator! It was awesome. He wants to learn more about our religion and enjoys us visiting him. It was the highlight of our day. Sadly he is going away for 2 weeks. But he said to message him on Facebook and set something up with him then.
Have a great week!
Elder O'Brien

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