Tuesday, January 26, 2016

January 11, 2016 - Bridgewater, Nova Scotia

Dear Family,

This week has been much better last week. We finally got a car again on Wednesday. Sister Pratt was kind enough to give us her car. So now we can drive again and we are back on track with the work. But it came at a price. Because of the accident I have been banned from driving for the rest of my mission. This week we learned that the second counselor in our mission presidency has been called to serve as the mission president in Edmonton beginning July 1, 2016. His name is President Pattison. He is from Hampton. I got to have dinner at his house every week when I was there. The way he carries himself is very business-like. He is similar to President Leavitt in that regard. He has a lot of the same ideas and perspectives as President Leavitt did. He loves missionaries. He has a good sense of humor. He cares a lot about people. He`s outgoing and passionate about the gospel. He'll be a good mission president for the Edmonton Mission. And who knows maybe sometime when I go to Edmonton, I`ll stop by and say hi.

Lately my companions and I have been doing a new knocking approach; the missionary who`s not knocking says a keyword right before the person opens the door and then the missionary knocking has to incorporate that keyword into the contact. If they don`t incorporate the keyword into the contact, then they lose. So on Monday we were knocking in a trailer park in Wileville and we did this new approach. It was my turn to knock so I knocked and then the person begins to open the door. 

Elder Quinton: Steps.
Me: Hi, how are you doing today?
Lady at the door: Good.
Me: Well yeah my friends and I are actually missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
Lady at the door: I have my own religion actually sorry. 
Me: Oh okay well before you go I like your steps; they're nice and easy to walk on.

Elder Evans and Elder Quinton burst out laughing after she closed the door. They got a pretty good laugh about that for a while. I was desperate to get that word in and she was about to close the door so at the last second I blurted out something about steps. We have had other funny experiences like that as we've done this new approach. This new approach has made knocking sessions more exciting and its made our contacts a whole lot better.

Wednesday: We had zone training in Kentville. The training in the morning was from the Sackville Sister Training Leaders. They gave a training on Spiritual Self Reliance. For the training they had us each answer these 3 questions: Has there been a time on my mission when I have seen myself or another missionary show spiritual self reliance? Have there been times on my mission when I needed spiritual self reliance but couldn't provide it for myself? What has the atonement done for me? The training concluded with the STLs sharing with us how in those times we feel weak spiritually or unmotivated in our missionary work to Remember, Remember. Remember those spiritual experiences you've had in your life and draw strength from them. It was a very powerful training. I felt the spirit very strongly. I almost began crying has I pondered the last question.

Thursday: We picked up a new investigator. He is a former that I taught when I was here last time. He is 18 years old. He is Christian. He has very similar beliefs to ours. His whole family has met with missionaries before. We feel like he has a lot of potential.

Have a good week!

Elder O'Brien (the older)

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