Saturday, November 8, 2014

November 2, 2014 - Hampton

First Snow

Dear Family,

It rained all day long yesterday here in Hampton (Saint John County) and at night the rain turned into ice pellets. It was pretty rough. When we woke up this morning there was snow on the ground and it is currently 5C. I bought hat and mitts last Monday from Sport Chek. I think I'm going to get some boots, a scarf, and some thermals this week or next week. My first winter in the mission field is here!

So yesterday we got our transfer letters and I am getting transferred yet again. Three straight transfers in three different areas. I am getting transferred to Kentville, Nova Scotia. I'll be in a trio with the zone leaders (Elder Dupin & Elder Willoughby). Elder Dupin is from Utah and he goes home in January with Elder Knowles and of course you already know who Elder Willoughby is (from our stake); he goes home in December which is the end of the transfer. So they're both really close to going home and they have a lot of experience. It'll be good. I already know who they are since they were zone leaders in Halifax and I am really comfortable with both of them. They are really nice and work hard. There's a reason they are zone leaders. We're going to do great things together. I am really excited to serve with them.

In other transfer news, Elder Torrie has been released as an assistant and now he's going be a zone leader in Fredericton. Elder Waldie, who was the zone leader in Fredericton, will be the new assistant with Elder Jason. Elder Waldie was a good zone leader. He was very focused and was so sophisticated. We met over Skype with him once a week because Elder Bodine was the district leader to talk about our district, our area, the key indicators, and the zone (that sort of thing). He's from Fort Collins, Colorado. He'll be a good assistant. So during this transfer, there will be two zone conferences (one regular one next week and then a special Christmas zone conference near the end of the transfer). This transfer ends one week before Christmas

Anyway, it was a pretty uneventful week for us. On Halloween we just spent the night with the Saint John Elders. We stopped working at 5. We played scrabble and we listened to some talks. We hung out and talked - that sort of thing. 

This weekend was stake conference in Fredericton. We were going to go to Fredericton for it and stay the night with the Fredericton Elders since they weren't broadcasting the Saturday Sessions to Hampton. But on Friday we found out that they were broadcasting the Saturday Sessions because of the weather. So we ended up just staying in Hampton for stake conference. Some of the things that I like from it was that they talked a lot about the temple and how all things in the Church lead to the temple.and how the saints in the Maritimes had to work hard to get a temple. In 1997 President Hinckley on his way back to Salt Lake decided to drop by Halifax at a stake conference. Then at general conference, he announced that a temple would be built in Halifax. One of the other things I liked from stake conference was when President Leavitt gave a talk on Sunday. He talked about how we are a people church. We go on missions not for ourselves but for the people. We want other people to receive the fullness of the gospel. How sharing the gospel takes courage but all we need to do is to open our mouths and then the Lord will put the words we need to speak into our mouths. By the way.. make sure you're following the mission Facebook page "Mormons of Atlantic Canada"; it keeps you updated on the mission and what's going on.

On Saturday morning, we raked leaves for Brother Hilchie. We did that for about two and a half hours. I was pretty exhausted by the end. It was a good workout. But then after, he treated us to Subway. So that made up for it. That extra hour of sleep was so nice on Sunday morning though; let me tell ya. I needed it. It was beginning to get really hard to get up in the morning with it being so dark outside.

I have something to share that I think Julie will like. Last night we had a dinner appointment with the Downey's. They have a little girl named Kaylia, who is about 5 years old or so. She normally doesn't like missionaries. We've been over there twice now and every time we're over there she's given me stickers and drawings. Then last night, when I told them that I was leaving she wanted to give me a hug. But I couldn't give her a hug because we're not allowed to. So I gave her a handshake instead :). She's a really sweet girl and I could tell she really liked me. I think she had a certain little girl telling her about me. Haha. (kAYLIA) just take away the "I" and there ya go. 

Just think.. by the end of this transfer it will be four days before Christmas then I will get to see all of you and talk to you in person (on a computer screen mind you) . I can't wait!

Anyway, so tonight I'm going to start packing. Then I'm off to Nova Scotia on Thursday morning. 

Have a great week!


Elder O'Brien

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