Monday, December 1, 2014

November 10, 2014 - Kentville, Nova Scotia

Elder Knowles, Elder O'Brien, Elder Bodine
Transfer Day

It has been a busy week as transfer weeks usually are. In the days leading up to being transferred, I had a lot of members say goodbye to me. On Monday, we went to a Family Home Evening by Sister McMakin and she did a lesson based off of Elder Dallin H. Oak's talk on the language of prayer. We also had dinner with Phillip & Jessa. Phillip is always so missionary mind; he is the best member missionary I've met so far. He always would ask us about the work in Hampton. 

On Wednesday night, Rhonda Fox had her baptismal interview with Elder Waldie over Skype. She passed all the questions. But we since her husband is only a teacher and cannot baptize her, we had to postpone the baptism. It was a little disappointing.

Thursday was transfer day. I had to get up at 6 in the morning to get ready. Then we were off to Moncton at 7. It was pretty cold too. By the time all the missionaries got to Moncton and everyone visited, we were off to the temple. We got to the temple at about 2:30 in the afternoon. I got to go to the temple for the first time since I first got to the mission in August. It was so nice to be able to go again. It was just what I needed. I felt such peace as I went through. It was President and Sister Leavitt, all the missionaries going home, the missionaries being transferred to somewhere in Nova Scotia, and the missionaries in the Metro that went. There was quite a few of us. It was so edifying though to go to temple together as fellow missionaries. After the temple Elder Willoughby and Elder Dupin picked me up and we went to Kentville.

My first couple days in Kentville with my new companions have been interesting. Being in a trio with the zone leaders, my companions can sometimes be busy doing zone leadership stuff. It's interesting to see what goes on with being a zone leader. On Friday they had a Skype meeting with Pres.Leavitt about some of the things going on in the zone about other missionaries, and discussing a zone vision. Something else that I have also thought about this week is the fact that every one of my companions so far has held a leadership position. I was with the assistants for like a week and then we decided that wasn't working as they are way too busy. Then I was with Elder Knowles who`s a District Leader, then I was with Elder Bodine who`s a district leader, and now I'm with Elder Willoughby and Elder Dupin who are the zone leaders for the Nova Scotia South Zone. They can be busy sometimes with their callings but they still have time to do missionary work. On Friday, I met one of of their investigators (the McDonald`s) and they are really solid. They are on date for Dec. 6. The wife`s name is Melanie and the husband`s name is Travis. They are a really funny family. So we committed them to watch the Restoration movie. Then a day later she texted us and said she felt the spirit very strongly as she was watching the video and that she thinks she has her answer as to whether or not Joseph Smith was a prophet. That was quite the text. 

At Church on Sunday, as usual they got me to bear my testimony. I am finding that as I introduce myself in a new ward I feel more and more confident each time. It seems like a friendly ward. Although I don`t think I'll get as many dinner appointments as I did in Hampton. That`s one thing I'll really miss about Hampton. I gained 10 pounds while I was there. After Church we go to choir and are practicing for a Christmas event in December. I'm not much a singer but I enjoy Christmas songs. On Sunday night, we had dinner with the Morrison`s; they are a family of about 7. They were one of the first families to introduce themselves to me. 

Being in a trio has been an adjustment. It's been a little harder to be involved because I'm the new guy and there's three of us. Sometimes I feel like they're so much better than me because they are so focused and such good missionaries. I feel like I'm good enough at times when I'm around them. But I just have to remind myself that they have been out way longer then me and that I am still pretty young in the mission field. Elder Willoughby has a lot of energy and is pretty enthusiastic which makes it fun to be his companion. Elder Dupin is pretty funny himself. They have made me feel welcome ever since I got here. 


Elder O`Brien 

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