Monday, December 1, 2014

November 17, 2014 - Kentville, Nova Scotia

Sister Lybbert, Sister Lybbert, 
Elder Willoughby, Elder Dupin, Elder O'Brien

Another week has gone by and it has gone by fast. That's one thing that I am finding on my mission - that days feel like weeks and weeks feel like days.

Last Tuesday, we helped a member named Bro. Collet move in from British Columbia. That took about three hours to do. He lives out in the middle of nowhere.   It was a house that was more than 200 years old. He worked for Worker's Compensation and now he is retiring. He is a really nice man. He is fully active in the church. Later on that day we had a big mega lesson with the McDonald's. The Morrison's were there and Sister Dreenan was there too. They are the fellow-shippers for the McDonald's. The lesson was on Ether 12, obedience, and the gospel of Jesus Christ. I gave an experience of obedience during the lesson.  

I met one of our other investigators this week; his name is Gordon Squires. He literally lives out in the middle of the woods. There was a gravel road that was 5 km long that took us like 20 minutes to get across. It was a very bumpy ride and it was at night too when it was pitch black. It is now beginning to get dark at 5 o'clock in the afternoon out here. That makes it hard to door knock because people seem to be calming down and not as receptive. Now we just do area book work or member book work. I usually fill out the progress record for our ward mission leader, Brother Hudson. Anyway, Gordon is a Christian but he is open minded. He believes a lot in theology. During the lesson he talked a lot about why the church has so many rules and standards and why we follow those rules. We used the Strength of Youth, the scriptures, and the prophets to help answer his question. Then I was able to bear testimony at the end of the importance of how following the church's standards has blessed me in my life. I am working on contributing more in lessons because sometimes I can be pretty quiet during lessons. That has been something I really have been making a conscious effort on this week - contributing one thing to every lesson. We get a lot of teaching opportunities in Kentville which is beneficial for me and my progression. 

Last Friday was zone conference. I really enjoyed it. I felt the spirit so strongly throughout it. In one of the trainings, we role played and evaluated each other after a door approach. The purpose of that training was so that when we evaluate each other we can give proper feedback based on a criteria. Then in one of our other trainings, we role played committing someone to be baptized.  We did 5 different scenario's - they say yes, they say their out of town, they say no, they say that's too soon, they say I've already been baptized. I was in a role play with Sister Jarvis for this one. This role play made me realize that if an investigator doesn't want to be baptized, I need to ask deeper questions to find it why. It was a good training. Sister Jarvis was a good "investigator." 

One of my favorite quotes from zone conference was when Pres. Leavitt was talking about what the church stands for. "This isn't the Church of Steve Young, this isn't the Church of Ebola, this isn't the Church of Family History; this is Christ's Church and He stands at the head of it." Later on, he talked about serving a mission "You only get one chance to do this, you get to give this 100 percent of the time for two years, so work hard and make the most of it, We'll know each other for the rest of our lives think about it. Then this was my favorite quote, "Fear is a prayer to the wrong God."

I really enjoyed zone conference. It was very spiritually uplifting. Then on the way home we had our first snow storm. The road was pretty slushy. We actually were on the way to a baptism of a little girl in our ward that we were a little late to because of the snow. And zone conference ended a little late.

Have a great week.


Elder OBrien

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