Monday, December 1, 2014

November 24, 2014 - Kentville, Nova Scotia

Another week has gone by. The weather has been pretty moderate.Today it's supposed to get up to 14 degrees. On Saturday it actually snowed pretty heavily in the morning but then by the afternoon it all melted away .

On Wednesday, we went to district meeting in Halifax because the zone leaders normally visit the other district meetings during the transfer just to see how things are going with that particular district. During this district meeting, one thing that really stuck out to me was when we were talking about the toughness of a mission. Some missionaries say that this isn't what they signed for. But you did. When you wrote your acceptance letter, you committed to living the mission rules and following the counsel of your mission president. You wrote the prophet personally committing yourself to two years of preaching the gospel and crying repentance unto these people. So that was a good reminder to all of us as missionaries.

This zone has a lot of good things going on right now. We have quite a few baptisms on date. Which is really exciting. It shows that the missionaries in this zone are working hard and are touching investigators' hearts. 

Melanie, who is one of our investigators is super solid right now.She has come to church every Sunday I've been here. She is going to be baptized on December 13. Her husband however isn't so solid right now. He is going at a slower pace than Melanie right now. I think he feels pressured because his wife wants to get baptized. But he said he doesn't want to get baptized just because his wife is getting baptized. We also have been asking him about the 13th. So he has just been taking steps back because he feels pressured. So we just have to put less pressure on him and let him go in baby steps. He is a good guy.

So our bishop (Bishop Spinney) asked us a week ago Sunday to give the members of the ward council the missionary discussions in hopes of engaging missionary work in the ward. It's funny because when we've phoned some of the members of the ward council, they invited us over to dinner. This week we have started doing that. We strarted with the restoration. It has been great practice for me because they're members and i don't have to worry about messing up in front of them. It has been really beneficial for me and my growth personally as a missionary.

Yesterday at Church we had quite a few less actives come. Shannon Hirtle who is one of the less actives we teach came to Church. Shee just graduated from college and is in her mid 20's. Really nice girl, really outgoing and really receptive.  Ashley Dreenan came to Church. She is 17. We don't teach her.  The Brightman's, one of the less actives, the Wolfville sisters work with. came to Church. Brother Budge's wife also came to Church. Her husband and her are recent converts. They got baptized in January. 

I don't know if I told you this already but this mission officially gets iPads starting on February 1st, 2015. That is really exciting. 

On Friday, we got to set up for the ward Relief Society Christmas party. That was fun. We set up the tables and some of the decorations for it. Then at the actual Christmas party, one of our investigators Michelle Mercer came. We have gone on splits teaching her. She seemed to have enjoyed it. I don't know much about her because we have been rotating going on splits with Brother Burgan.

Things are going great for the three of us. We all get along great. We laugh, we joke around. But we work hard as a companionship. That's the most important thing I like about Elder Dupin & Elder Willoughby. Elder Willoughby isn't dying, he is still energetic and focussed. He is a littly trunky but not too bad right now. We talk a little bit about Lethbridge here and there but it dosen't make either one of of us homesick.

Have a great week, one month tomorrow!

PS-We get to watch "Meet the Mormons" at Christmas zone conference on Decemer 10th.


Elder O'Brien

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