Monday, January 26, 2015

January 26, 2015 - Kentville, Nova Scotia

Elder O'Brien with Kentville Bishop
Dear Family,

It has been a interesting week. Throughout the week, I was beginning to get the impression that my time in Kentville was almost over. I was hoping I was wrong but I wasn't. I am being transferred to Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. It is about a hour away from Kentville. I will still be in the same zone and in the same stake. I am going to be serving with Elder Nielsen. He is one of the missionaries I came out with. He's the district leader in Bridgewater. He seems like a funny, nice guy. I feel comfortable with him as my new companion. 9 missionaries are going home this transfer and 9 new ones are coming in. There will be no sister missionaries going home with me. It'll just be the group of elders I came out with. Right now since 2 went home early there's 14 of us. A Sister Missionary from the Calgary Mission named Sister Alverez who is from Toronto and speaks Spanish just got transferred to our mission last week. I don't know why or how long she's been out. All I know is that tends to happen sometimes. You can read more about it on the Mormons of Atlantic Canada Facebook page.This transfer there were a lot of changes made throughout the mission.Every companionship in this zone except for one got changed. Every zone got a new zone leader. Elder Hatch is staying here and his new zone leader companion is going to be Elder Funa who came out in May. 

As I said we went on a car fast on Monday and Tuesday last week. It wasn't too bad actually. On Monday, it was really rainy so we got a little wet. On Tuesday Elder Hatch knocked into a Christian who was trying to bible bash saying that there`s no need for prophets, we're already complete in Christ, we don`t need anything greater. You meet all sorts of people on your mission. 

I went to Sackville Tuesday night to Thursday night. While I was there, I met a recent convert who just got baptized a year ago. She struggles reading the Book of Mormon so we shared with her what helps us read it.Then we played volleyball again at the church on Thursday. Except this time there weren`t as many people. But it was still fun. Funny story, we exchanged back that night and in the exchange we ended up with both phones. So Sackville had no phone until Saturday night. They had to use the Church phone to get hold of people. They would phone us twice a day to see if they got any texts or calls on their phone. On Saturday, all the priesthood had breakfast at the Church and then we went over to Brother Collet`s to help him stack wood. So we did that for two hours and then he fed us lunch. It was fun. We have some pretty funny members in this ward.

Yesterday.. what a emotional day it was. Originally I was to be in Sackville. But I ended up staying in Kentville with Elder Dupin instead of Elder Hatch staying. I am so glad that I got to spend it in Kentville. When I read I was getting transferred it was like a stab to the heart. The ward here has meant so much to me and it has helped me grow as a missionary and as a person. I loved it here. This is a special area with special people in it. This is where I spent Christmas and New Years. This is where I met the McDonald`s. This is where I met the Drennan`s. This is where Elder Willougby went home. This is where Elder Dupin got emergency transferred. It`s tougher than leaving my other areas because I spent more time here. I got attached as you know I tend too :P. So of course they asked my if I could give a final testimony and of course I got emotional. Elder Dupin gave a talk. That`s why he was in Kentville yesterday. Sister Lybbert 1 is also being transferred to Saint John so she gave her final testimony as well. After Church, John Morrison told me that he was touched by my testimony. Tanya Massiah told me she`s going to miss me. Sister Bond told me that I was her favorite missionary and that she doesn`t usually write letters to missionaries getting transferred but she`s going to write one for me. In the letter she said `My quiet humble nature reminds her of how the Savior would teach.' Elder Dupin told me that I have a 'Powerhouse Testimony'. Pretty humbling stuff. After church, Melanie and her kids fed us lunch. Out of all the people I said goodbye to, they were the toughest. I was there for her and Madison`s baptism. I told Melanie that her family holds a special place in my heart.

I am starting to gain a stonger testimony of why I got called to this mission. The missionaries here fit me. The members in this mission fit me, The people here fit me. I was especially chosen to come to this mission for these people. It`s going to be the same for Chris wherever he gets called.

Even though I am sad to leave to Kentville, I know the Lord now needs me in Bridgewater. It was an honor serving in Kentville. But now I have been called to serve the people of Bridgewater and I look forward to starting new adventures and meeting new people. 


Elder O`Brien

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