Saturday, February 7, 2015

February 2, 2015 - Bridgewater, Nova Scotia

Dear Family,
It has been a busy week. The weather was pretty bad. It has been very cold up here. It has been snowing all week. They almost had to cancel church yesterday again. So as you could probably see. I have been on Facebook this week. I've been adding friends. Deleting friends. Unfollowing everybody. Updating my information. That sort of thing. There is no limit to how much we can be on Facebook just as long as we're not on it for more than an hour. So yeah feel free to follow the "Mormon Missionaries in Bridgewater" Facebook page now.
On Tuesday, we had a missionary snow day. There was a big storm that went through Nova Scotia and it hit hard on Tuesday. President Leavitt made us stay inside all day and do area book work because the roads were so bad. It was a long day. It was just me and my companion in the apartment all day. Doing paper work. It reminded me of working for Dad. Except there was more then one person to talk to and I had a computer. And there was music. It made me miss working for Dad.
On Wednesday, we could drive again. There was a big snow bank in front of the Church that we had to shovel out because it was blocking the door to the church. It was also my last day in Kentville. We visited the Bond's. We had dinner at the Drennan's. It was a nice dinner. I could really tell that they liked me and that they're going to miss me. They are a fun family. We stayed at the Sackville apartment that night along with some other elders and then on Thursday we had to be at the mission office by 6 am. It was funny because originally we were supposed to stay with the Dartmouth Elders. But when we walked in the apartment, there was 14 elders in there. It was really crowded. We decided that since there wasn't really enough room for us to go and stay with the Sackville Elders. It was weird; I have never seen so many elders in one apartment. The assistants are the ones that make the travel plans so I don't think they did really good job with that one.
Since I didn't end up getting to go to the temple on Thrursday, I didn't get see Elder Knowles before he went home :/. But I did get to say goodbye to Elder Dupin at the mission office before I left and I got to spend the night with him on Wednesday. Elder Dupin is a great guy. He has done so much for me. We had a lot of fun times together. On my first day in Bridgewater, I met one of their recent converts of about a year. He is a single man who is in his 40's who lives by himself. He seems like a nice guy. He gave us some raisin bread and raisin doughnuts. The apartment in Bridgewater is like a cabin. It's out in the woods on a hill. The landlords are actually Shannon Hirtle's parents.They are members as well. The office is in one room. The bedroom is in another. The kitchen is quite big and there is a fireplace. It is really nice. Bridgewater is about the size of Kentville. There is quite a few places to street contact around here.  The Bridgewater area is really big. It covers all the way out to Liverpool which is about two hours away. It covers Bridgewater, Lunenberg, Liverpool, Mahone Bay, and New Germany. They have one investigator right now. He lives out in Lunenberg I think.  I haven't met him yet so I'm not sure what he's like. He is really busy so it is kind of hit and miss as far as lessons go. Then they have a recent convert that they work with. He is up and down. He lives in an apartment with his grandma and they don't get along very well so he's in a tough situation. He comes to church inconsistently.
On Friday, we made a transfer plan (Recent Concerts. Members, Less Active's. Members, tracting plan. Investigators. Return Missionaries) at the Church for 6 hours. Then we had dinner at the Oicle's. They are a older couple who have an adopted daughter. They have a games night every Friday at the Church. Anybody is welcome to come. We played chess and Dizzios with some of the members.
On Saturday, we helped Brother Jewers move into a apartment. Then we had dinner at the Dorey's. Brother Dorey is the second counsellor in the bishopric. He is a really energetic guy. He is also a chef so he makes good food.
The members here seem good. I found out yesterday that I have some connections here. Mark Davidson's mother is in this ward. Mom's cousin is also in this ward. Melissa Fraser. She is the bishop's wife. So I have a relative in the ward here. The ward mission leader is named Brother Nilisson. His son is actually serving in the Calgary mission right now. So keep an eye an out for an Elder Nilisson if he ever serves in Stirling. His name is Talon. He comes home in November. He has served in three areas in Calgary and in Pincher Creek.
I was reading the "Gospel Blesses Families this morning" and it made me think of our family. The gospel has blessed our family so much. I really like how it says by living gospel principles it creates a loving atmosphere. Which it did :). 

Anyway, Hope you have a great week! Zone Conference is on Friday.. It should be fun!


Elder O'Brien

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