Saturday, June 11, 2016

May 23, 2016

Dear Family,

It is a holiday once again on a p-day so all the libraries are closed. Because of that I am on a smartphone right now at the mission office. All of the metro missionaries come to the mission office on holidays to use the computers. The reason why I am on a smartphone is because the Halifax Sisters got here first and there's only 3 computers so I am using Elder Holbrook's (Senior Missionary) smartphone. I have grown to dislike holidays on Mondays on my mission :P.

In case you are wondering the new revised missionary dress guidelines that came out on Friday in lieu of mosquito-borne diseases running rampant does not affect the Sister Missionaries in this mission. Much to their delight. But it does affect the Elders in this mission in a good way. We are now allowed to wear sunglasses contacting and we are allowed to wear sun hats. 

The temperature got up to 32 C on Saturday. We spent 6 hours of that day proselyting. It was a long rigorous day in the sun. By the end of the day we were both very tired and exhausted. Luckily in the evening we cooked hot dogs on a stove at church for a band practice at the Church. We got to eat some and with the band. It was a nice reliever. Plus we were inside so that helped too. 

Elder Bennett of the Seventy had zone conference with the missionaries in Nova Scotia on Wednesday. He made several remarks to us. Some of the remarks he made were on the subjects of: doing our "best", The Doctrine of Christ, contention in the work, etc. Elder Bennett is a very personable man. He is a lot like Elder Holland. He is very sincere and loving. Whenever he spoke you knew it came from the heart. Some things that stuck out to me from what he said was when he talked about doing our best. He talked about how doing our best is doing better than the day before, even when we forget something that day or slip up we are doing our best. The Lord looks on the heart not the mind. He talked about being consecrated as missionaries and we need to dedicate everything we do each day to the building up of the kingdom in the Maritimes. That includes eating, sleeping, driving, studying. Everything we do should be about the people not us. My favorite quote from his remarks on contention was: "There's no place for contention is this work Elders and Sisters.. there just isn't" and"Contention in companionships will lead to contention to marriage. Contention in districts will lead to contention in families."

He made a prophetic promise to us about asking for referrals. He also showed us how to be lovingly persistent with people. He talked about "helping" people come unto Christ. He said that we need to sincere when we're talking to people. He also talked about searching for the elect.

I could go on and on about what he had to say. But to summarize what I got out of zone conference with him was work with a sense of urgency, ask for referrals from everyone, and at the end of each day look at what you did that day and compare it to the day before. That might have been my last zone conference. Normally we do zone conferences every other transfer but with this one we had two in a row. 

Have a good week!

Elder O'Brien (the older)

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