Tuesday, July 26, 2016

July 25, 2016

Dear Family,

Another week in the book. Another week added to a 2-year book. The weather here has continued to be hot and humid with temperatures being above 30 degrees all week. We didn't do as much biking this week though so it was a nice break. We were in meetings most of the week as well so most of our time was spent inside. 

We made two trips to the hospital this week. On Thursday, I went in because I had an ingrown toenail on my left foot on my big toe that was giving me a lot of pain and was infected as well. So we got there and we waited for 3 hours by the time they took me in. They froze the toe, put some iodine on it and then removed the ingrown toenail. They sent me home with some medication and away I went. They had me come back on Saturday to check on it. When I went in the second time, I only waited 10 minutes. They took me in and said I need to constantly soak it in salt water the next couple weeks. Since then it was been difficult to walk without being in pain. On Saturday, the pain was excruciatingly. I could hardly walk at all and it still hurts to walk but I am doing better. 

Back in November at the end of the month in Bridgewater, I actually had an ingrown toenail on my right foot on my big toe removed as well.  That took 5 hours for them to take me in. So needless to say I have encountered some health issues in the last 6 months of my mission. 

Last weeks MyPlan session was "Self-Reliance." In this session it talked about the 4 principles of Self-Reliance: Have faith in Jesus Christ, Obedience, Solve problems and act for yourself, Become One with the Savior and serve others. It had me make plans for employment and make plans for education.

This week's MyPlan session was "Dating and Temple Marriage." I actually did it this morning. I usually do it on Wednesdays but I decided this week that it would be better if I did on a Monday so that I could think about more on a day where we do as much missionary work. In this session there were A TON of videos from prophets, apostles, and return missionaries. The videos talked about having faith when you're dating, personal purity, overcoming challenges, how to approach dating, and dating itself. It then had me make goals for how I'll date and personal standards of the woman I want to marry.

The final session of MyPlan next week is entitled "My Plan". I had my missionary departure interview this week with a member of the mission presidency. In this interview, we talked about continually becoming a better person after I come home, plans for a career and plans for education.  He recommended that I wait till my mid 20's to get married because he feels I'll go through experiences that will help me gain more and more confidence and that my education will be well-rounded by then and my employment. He recommended I listen to a talk called "Be your best self" by President Monson. He told me that at times I will feel that on my mission I was the best person I could be but that isn't the case. I should always feel that I am progressing and becoming a better person. 

This week, on Tuesday, we went to Calais and street contacted in the morning and then I mailed my package. In the afternoon we gave service at the hospital and then Elder Belmonte had his departing interview. On Wednesday, we were in Fredricton for the day on exchanges. In the morning, we had district meeting . The trainings were on initial contacting and commitments. I was with Elder Kelly in the afternoon. We street contacted downtown and did some knocking. We actually street contacted a tourist from BC whose friend's sister is going to the same course I'm taking in the fall and she is going to the U of L in the fall. Small world :P. On Thursday we had a special zone conference to talk more about planning. Then on Saturday the ward had a pioneer day event where they cooked hot dogs and had a bunch of food. 

With that... this week is my last full week as a missionary. Next week is transfer week and P-Day will be on Wednesday. By then all of my missionary labors and the ability to participate in missionary activities for all intents and purposes will be over. That day will be dedicated to traveling and packing. So you only have one letter left. Put in it your final thoughts on my mission as a whole and the future I have ahead of me. 

Have a good week! Hang tight!

Elder O'Brien (the older)

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