Monday, September 1, 2014

Halifax - September 1

Dear Family,

It's hard to believe that it's already been a month since I entered the MTC. This month has been so fast and it feels like just yesterday I was e-mailing you. It seems like every P-day comes up faster and faster every week. It's crazy! Haha before ya know it I'll be home. When people and missionaries going home (Elder Layton) would tell me it goes by so fast, I had a hard time believing that, because ya know two years it's a long time. But I'm starting to realize that two years isn't really that long.

As for this last week umm, well Elder Dupont went home to Edmonton on Friday morning. So now it's just me and Elder Knowles for at least another three weeks until next transfer. I was grateful to be able to have Elder Dupont as my trainer for about two weeks. He was really persistent and focused. He really knew how to talk to people with confidence and plus he was really chatty too. Haha He actually did the majority of the talking when we were doing contacting or teaching lessons.  But now that he's gone Elder Knowles and I have to step it up a little bit. Elder Knowles actually told me the night that Elder Dupont left that I'm going to have to try and keep him motivated. He said that Elder Dupont was really good at that but now that he's gone he needs someone to help him stay motivated. It's not that he's lazy, I think it's because he only has 5 months left and he's getting wore down and thinking about home. Another part of it is that he keeps talking about stuff that he's gonna do once he gets home with another elder in the area. So I don't think that's helping his cause.Another thing is I'm the first missionary that he's training after being out for 19 months :/ So it's a new learning experience for the both of us. He's not a bad companion though; that's not what I'm trying to say. He is really nice and we've been practicing every day during companion study

Oh and I forget to mention this last week but I met Dad's trainer from his mission, Elder Ranglack. It was so cool that he still remembers training Dad after that many years. It's such a small world these days haha. That goes to show you that you'll always remember your trainer at the beginning of your mission for the rest of your life.

So today for P-day, we had a BBQ at the mission office for Elder & Sister Wiebe before they leave for Calgary on Saturday. It was fun. I'm happy that I was able to spend about three weeks serving around them. They are both so genuine and friendly as you & Dad probably remember from being in their ward in Calgary. Next time you guys go up to Calgary, you'll have to visit their ward and ask them about their mission. Oh, and I guess we'll have to wait to get groceries tomorrow since it's Labor Day today and all the stores are closed. We actually had to eat out on Saturday because we are low on food so we just ate at A & W to celebrate me being out 1 month and Elder Knowles being out 19 months.

Anyway, hope you're all enjoying your days off today! Watch the Labor Day Classic (Football game between Edmonton and Calgary) today to remember me for being out 1 month. Let me know how school goes this week. And I'll definitely let you know if I continue to have problems with anxiety. 

It's been a summer to remember forever. I want us all to take a moment today and reflect on our feelings and experiences that we've had this summer and maybe even write them down so that you can look back and see what you had to say about the summer of 2014. And yeah i'm sure I haven't really missed much since i've left.


Elder O'Brien

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