Friday, September 19, 2014

Halifax, September 8th

Dear Family,
This morning, I woke up with a toothache and I have a headache too. So needless to say I'm not feeling that great today. So sorry if this letter is a little short this time. Good thing today is P-Day; otherwise I don't think I would be able to make it.
This week was a good week for us. Elder Knowles seemed a lot more focused this week. We've been doing a lot of tracting this week because we're only teaching two investigators. 

We did find one potential investigator but unfortunately it's a potential for the family sisters not us. Those two investigators are Maye Carson and the Morphy's two little girls. We talked to Maye Carson last week and she said that she doesn't understand why good things happen to bad people. She kept on going on why do people who are jerks get away with it. That sort of thing. So we kept on telling her that those people who are bad in this life will have to pay for it in the next life. At the end we asked her if we could teach her the discussions and she said yes. So hopefully she is receptive when we begin teaching her. With the Morphy's, the two little girls are investigators but the parents are members but are less-actives. So we taught the two girls the law of tithing and following the prophet this week. The Dad is a smoker but says he is trying to quit. The family in general struggles with going to Church. They said they would go to Church yesterday but didn't end up coming. Hopefully they start coming again next week. They are a family that used to live in Calgary until 3 or 4 years ago. The mother said she had a bad experience with the Church in Calgary so that is why she is less-active I think. We're working on getting them back though slowly but surely.
Anyway, I don't really have any energy right now so I'm going to have to tell you more later when I'm feeling better. Our zone leaders are coming up today and spending the next couple of days with us. That'll be good. I've talked to them a couple times already. Their names are Elder Willoughby and Elder Dupin. Elder Willoughby is Kelsey's brother. So we already know each other. Which really helps. Yeah the zone leaders, or the assistants visit every district leader of each zone once a transfer.
As far as birthday gifts go, you could send me a gift card, a rain coat, or a Sidney Crosby shirt, haha. Gotta support Cole Harbor; it's only 20 minutes away from here. Again, sorry for the short letter this week. I want to write more but yeah i just don't have the energy right now. Next week I promise I'll tell you more!
Elder O'Brien

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