Friday, September 26, 2014

Halifax - September 22, 2014

Elder O'Brien and Elder Knowles

Yesterday morning we received a group transfer letter in the missionary portal. As it turns out, I am getting transferred to Hampton, New Brunswick. Elder Knowles is staying in Halifax with one of the missionaries I came out with, Elder Patten. My new companion will be Elder Bodine; he's from Arizona and he's been out for about for the same amount of time as Elder Knowles. Elder Knowles said that he's pretty laid back as well (Even more than Elder Knowles) and that I'll need keep him working. Yeah for some reason I seem to be getting laid back companions to start my mission. Maybe that's because I work hard and I can motivate others to work hard as well. But I accept the challenge with a positive attitude and a willing heart. When I read that I was being transferred to a new area I was like "Huh?" I've only been in Halifax for one transfer and I'm already getting transferred to another area?" I was prepared to stay in Halifax for at least 3 months. I was beginning to like it here. But that's just the way missons go sometimes. You have to able adjust accordingly. 

Last Sunday while we were doing our new missionary Skype training call, President Leavitt offered some counsel on how to deal with transfer week. He said we can't waste transfer week worrying about our new companion or new area. He tells missionaries that are going home the next transfer that he'll send them home a month early if they die on him during their last 6 weeks. So he doesn't settle for missionaries slacking off (getting excited for their new area or stressing out about a new companion, or lamenting because they still have the same companion during transfer week)
So yeah, I have to pack up everything by Wednesday night. Then I have to be at the mission office at 6 a.m. in the morning. Then I'm off to Hampton which will be about a 4 or 5 hour drive from Halifax. Hampton is about a hour outside of Saint John by the way in case you're wondering. You'll probably have to look it up on the map to find out more. I think it's pretty close to Maine. It's gonna to be a long day to say the least! Haha. I just have to remind myself that this is what's supposed to happen and press forward with faith knowing that the Lord has a purpose for me in New Brunswick. Missions are a very good place to learn how to deal with change. I pray that I'll be able to make a smooth transition and that all will go well. 

During this transfer there will be 15 new missionaries and only 4 to 6 going home. So as a result there is going to be a lot of threesome's. And i think that's part of the reason why I'm getting transferred so early. So no I won't see Grant and Connie Nelson, and the McClenaghan's sadly. I must be barely missing them.
Anyway, I've been rambling on way too much about transfers haha. Shows you that I'm a little stressed about it, which is normal, but it'll be fine as I said. So I don't when I'll get my birthday package. I'll have to let the mission office know that there was a package coming for me before I leave on Thursday. Then we will see what we can do. Hopefully I'll still be able to get it around my birthday. 

So you'll never guess who I saw yesterday at Church.. President Evanson! I wasn't too surprised since I knew Regan was going home this week. But it was good to see him. I've seen quite a few people from back home at church in Halifax during my stay here. He gave me a hug right when he walked in. And I thought he said he didn't want to see me again for two years, Turns he did see me again. He just asked how I was doing and that he promised mom he would give me a hug for her if he saw me. 

As far as last week goes, I knocked into my first potential investigator while we were knocking one night. Unfourtantely, it was a college girl so it'll be for the YSA sisters. But it was still a good feeling. Yeah I just introduced myself and then I shared a message about Joseph Smith. Then I asked if that would that be something she'd be interested in and she said "Yeah" I was a little shocked since we're not used to people being interested while knocking. I didn't know how to handle someone saying they're interested. So after she said yes, Elder Knowles stepped in and helped me out. Then the next day we role-played that situation.
Well I have really enjoyed serving with Elder Knowles. He and I got along well. He was a good trainer and was a good example to me on how to talk to people. Even though he was pretty laid back, I really enjoyed serving with him. I was able to be myself around him. He was comfortable around me, I was comfortable around him. It was a good learning experience. We're placed with certain companions for certain reasons and i  hope I've provided him with enough of a push to help him get through his last couple of months.
Wish me luck in Hampton on Thursday!
Elder O'Brien

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